Controlled Bolting Solutions

Torque Services - As a service company and a manufacturer of quality products, our products are calibrated to high certification standards. ZUOJOFF offers a comprehensive range of torque services, providing the required accuracy and consistency necessary for safe, bolted joint solutions

  • Tension Services - Various industries have highlighted the need to apply accurate bolt loading in a controlled and safe manner. Increasingly we see that this is achieved using hydraulic bolt tensioners. Bolt tensioning offers the ability to tension or de-tension all studs simultaneously.
  • Flange Spreading - A leak-free start up is a goal more readily achieved by replacement of worn or damaged gaskets, however, this operation can be time consuming. Highly skilled ZUOJOFF field service engineers can quickly access gaskets using our purpose-built flange spreaders to assess gasket integrity and replace as necessary.
  • Flange Management — ZUOJOFF Integrity Management system is an integrated software-based flange management system that manages the flange management process and provides full traceability on every joint. Key Advantages - Singular point of contact, 24/7 on-site support, Faster installation with zero leaks and cost effective solution.
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    In-Situ Machining Situations

    Most Industrial Services demands for on-site machining to cut down time and cost on their projects or maintenance activities so that they won't have to bring out their components to a machine shop. ZUOJOFF, with its wide range of Portable On-site Machining equipment, delivers such services adding value to our clients

  • In-Situ Machining activities we provide:
  • Pipe Cutting & Beveling
  • Pipe End Preparation
  • Line Boring
  • Flange Facing
  • Our machines are powered pneumatically and hydraulically which can be utilized as per application. We have an expert team that are ever trained in machining of RTJ grove surfaces, sealing surfaces of pressure vessels, hub, front and rear surfaces of heat exchanger, etc
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    Hot Tapping & Line Stopping

    Hot Tapping or Online drilling is the specialized engineering method of connecting a new branch pipeline to the existing piping system, pressure vessels, storage tanks or any other process equipment without the need of shut down I production interruption. This method employs a Tapping Machine, a Full-bore valve (typically know as hot tapping valve) and a Hot tap Fitting (Weld o let/Stub with RF Pad/Full Encirclement Split Tee) that is either welded or bolted to the run pipeline.

    Hot Taps can be performed safely on most types of pipes, ranging from carbon steel to GRE. The Services can be carried out on systems containing oil, gas, fuel, steam, water and many other line mediums with pressures up to 1480 PSIG @ 100 OF. Our services are performed in line with relevant industry standards - API and Shell DEP specifications.
    Line Stopping Services - Line stopping is an interventional technique used to temporary isolate a section of pipeline, with a mechanical inserted and activated stopple head, to undertake maintenance activity or repair works on downstream pipeline. Line stops can be performed with permanent/ temporary bypass to enable continuous production while the pipeline section is isolated. This solution prevents unwanted shutdowns and keeps critical piping and pipeline systems online during tie-ins, relocations, repairs, retrofits, and routine maintenance


    Portable Water Jet Cutting

    Water-jet cutting is based on a very simple functional principle. A fine jet of water hits the surface of a workpiece at high speed. It causes material removal and separates the material. To generate the required high-pressure water jet, a high-pressure pump brings the water to a pressure of up to several thousand bar and directs it to the cutting head. Depending on the material to be cut, the water can also be mixed with an abrasive. The water with a jet diameter of 0.1 to 0.5 millimeters emerges from a fine nozzle opening at the cutting head.

    The blasting capacity depends on the pressure of the water and the diameter of the nozzle opening. The water jet separates the material particles near the surface and causes a stress-free cutting process without heat ingression into the material. Depending on the nature of the water jet and the hardness and thickness of the material, different cutting depths and speeds can be achieved

    Portable water jet cutting machine is the flexible cutting solution for customers, which is mainly applied in surroundings for inflammable and explosive cutting, for instance waste tank hole cutting, gas pipeline cutting, line of intersection and profile cutting and the sheet plate cutting


    Re-tubing Services

    ZUOJOFF specializes in producing high re-tubing tools packages, technical assistance, planning, specification, procedures, contractor support and turnkey services to the level and circumstances necessary for particular projects. We provide complete On-site / workshop support for Exchanger re- tubing

    Heat exchanger tubes are constantly expanding and contracting as they heat up and cool down during normal operations. Depending on the application, salt water scale, calcium, lime and other contaminants can compound the problem, leading to even faster deterioration. Over time, these factors inevitably lead to failure and the tubes must be replaced.

    ZUOJOFF specialized in high producing re-tubing tools packages, technical assistance, planning, specification, procedures, contractor support and turnkey services to the level and circumstances necessary for particular project. We provides complete On-site / workshop support for Exchanger retubing.

    We offer Replacement of Tubes in Heat Exchanger, Coolers and Surface Condensers. We offer this service for both "1J" Tube and Straight Tube equipment


    Valve Repairing, Replacement & Over-hauling Services

    ZUOJOFF is one of the leading Industrial Valve Repairers, Replacers with modern state of-the-art equipment to repair, replace any make, type and size of valves. We provide a variety of customized valve repairing services both on-site at customer's installations and at our factory.

    We repair, recondition and rebuild Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Safety Valves, Control Valves, Check Valves, Parallel Slide Valves, Boiler Feed Pump valves, Pressure Relief Valves, Spray Valves, Ball Valves up to 72inch and 10.000PSl to client’s specifications and requirements.

    ZUOJOFF offers a comprehensive range of service backed with fully trained engineers, riggers and fitters specializing in the field of industrial valves for the Power, Chemical, Petroleum, Fertilizer, Steel, Sugar, Pulp, Shipping..

    We also repair valves at our factory when certain valves cannot be repaired on-line, thus, reducing the customer's overhead cost. We guarantee our workmanship against any third-party inspection.


    Calibration Services

    ZUOJOFF has an in-house calibration facility to optimize tools performance and reliability through calibration services. We maintain a periodic calibration for all our equipment that we use in our day-to-day on-site service activities.

  • Our In-house facility can calibrate::
  • Hydraulic torquing tools
  • Pneumatic torquing tools
  • Electric torquing tools
  • Manual torquing tools
  • Our certified technicians ensure accurate and timely service.

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